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 **Minimum of 4 Meal Purchase for meal prep**

Ordering Procedure

Step 01

Click the desired picture under meal prep

Step 04

Pick 2 sides (Can pick 2 veggies if you like) & If have any allergens, please disclose

Step 07

After meal is added repeat steps again to complete the next meal

Step 02

Click the tier that you want (4, 6,8,10 etc)

Step 05

Once meal is customized, pick the quantity of that meal. Ex 2,3, etc. of that same meal.

Step 08

You will do this each time depending on the tier and the quantity of the meal you choose.

Step 03

Begin to customize your meals by picking 1 Meat

Step 06

After picking quantity add to shopping cart

Step 09

Once all meals are added to shopping cart proceed to checkout and pay for order.

Thank you and we appreciate you!



For prices of catering events please contact us to ensure correct quotes. Catering available for a minimum of 10 people and maximum 50. "

NOTE: Other services can be provided with catering i.e. set up/breakdown, servers, waitstaff, venue.


Thank you and we appreciate you!

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